I'm thankful for.....

I'm thankful to be alive. I am thankful to be breathing, walking, eating, sleeping, anything that has to do with living. Everyday I wake up, I thank god for blessing me with another day to spend with the one's I love; another day to hold my babies and enjoy my favorite things. Each day is a gift. Open it wisely!

I'm thankful for......

I'm thankful for nature. Nature is raw, soothing, and forgiving. Nature is so complex, but yet its beauty is simple. The way the earth replenishes itself and heals it's scars over time shows it's strength. The cycle of the seasons (Fall being my favorite), the rise and fall of an oceans tide, the sun and moon sharing the same vast sky is simply wonderful to witness. The magnitude of the force that keeps us on our planet is fascinating. Being able to watch as the sun sets behind the trees is a beauty no artist can fully capture, gazing at the twinkling stars above,  the sweet scent of nature flowing through the air. In our hectic day to day life, it can be easy to take the world for granted. Stop what you are doing for a minute, walk outside and let your senses take over. Breathe in the smell of the plants and trees. Watch as the trees sway in the breeze and listen to the slight whoosh as the air passes through the leaves. Listen to the beautiful melody of a bird. Feel the warm sun on your skin as the breeze flows all around you. Just relax.

I'm thankful for.....

I'm thankful to have a roof over my head, a car filled with a little gas, and food in my fridge. We often forget how a growing part of the population of America/ the world doesn't have any of these things. We so easily take them for granted, as well as our material possessions. We place importance among those with a lot of money, a big house (maybe even several), expensive cars and clothes. We turn our heads at the sight of starving men, woman, and children who have nothing. We refuse to help because we say to ourselves "I don't have a penny to spare." Well, I can guaranty that you do. I would bet my life on it!

I'm thankful for.....

I'm thankful for my friends. I can count the amount of friends I have on one hand, but the amount really doesn't matter anyway. It's your relationship. It's the bond that you and your friend share. Being able to share feelings, thoughts, and memories. Going to each other for advice and knowing you will get an honest answer. No judgements are being passed because there's no worry about how we are acting or how we look. We can be ourselves with these people. We boohoo together and we scream in delight with each other.  Friends mold us into what we are, they sculp us into what we might become. They are a part of our support system (along with family) for getting through this hard life. We must cherish these friendships and hold them close to our heart.

I'm thankful for.......

Thanksgiving has almost arrived. We often reflect on our life past and present during the month of November.  So, everyday this week I am going to write about one thing I am thankful for. I would encourage you to do the same.....

 Today I am thankful for my family. I love all of you regardless of what you do or say. I would most definitly not be where I am today if it wasn't for those of you who have walked this road right beside me. I love the fact that you all are concerned and worry about me, even though it may be unnecessary. I love the fact that I don't have to ask for anything, yet it is right there and available to me. I love that I am far from being perfect, but none of you care because I am me. I especially love the way you all love me. I would do anything for all of you, and I know you would do the same. Times have been hard, but with my family by my side, I will make it through!

Fishing Buddy

   My hubby is the happiest father on the face of this earth. His dream has come true......he has his very own fishing buddy. William began showing an interest as soon as he could hold a rod and reel. He just recently graduated from a "baby rod" (as he calls it) to a big rod like his daddies. They go fishing every chance they get. They love the quiet alone time together and it makes me happy that they have this time to bond.
   I believe it is important to find a common interest that you and your child share, then take time out of your busy schedule often to spend quality time with them. If you have more than one child (like us), take turns spending a few hours with each. For example: when Aaron takes William fishing, Lane and I might take a walk around the nieghborhood. The next week, William and I might go shopping, while Lane and Daddy go to the park. Take this time to talk with your child about school, thier other interests, or what they want to do when they grow up.  It not only brings you closer, but it gives your child a big boost of self eestem. They begin to understand the importance of family and will open up to you more (which will be helpful in the teenage years). It also gives everyone a break from the hustle and bustle of life allowing you to take a look around your world. You notice just how fast your child is growing up and how quickly they change. Please don't wait until that day when you finally decide to come up for air, then notice your kid is grown.
  Aaron is just waiting for the day when  he can start teaching Lane to fish. Then he can truly die and go to heaven.  Imagine the alone time mommy would get!

Poem: Fall Season

Fall Season

A carpet of leaves lay upon brown earth;
twitching, rolling in the gusts.
Crunching underfoot.

Wooden smells eminating from stone chimneys;
rising up, then invisible to the eyes.
Fragrancing the air.

A feast of tasty morsels bubbling, baking;
being readied to satisfy hungry stomachs.
Warming bodies.

Majestic oaks blazoned in fiery red, burnt orange, and brown;
swaying as one with the wind.
Ancient giants.

Early mornings, early nights;
sun and moon conjoining to stare upon us from the heavens.
Witnessing our feebleness.

Woodland animals scurry about;
stockpiling small dwellings.
 Preparing for the coming frost.

A bitter chill hangs in the air;
enveloping all things.
Entwined with nature.

It's only a phase......

William has entered a new phase. I want to share a bit of what I had to endure all day today. These are snippets of some conversations between William and I

This morning while I was cooking breakfast:
tugging on my shirt "Is it done yet?"... "No honey, it will be a few minutes." 1 minute later..... "Is it time to eat yet?".... "No, not yet." 15 seconds later......"Is it done yet?".... "No William, a couple more minutes until it's done. I will let you know." about 5 seconds later...."Momma, I asked you if it was time to eat." ...."William, I said it will be time in a couple minutes." 15 seconds later...."Is it time to eat yet momma?".... "What did I just say William? It will be done in a minute." 15 seconds later....."Is it done yet?"...."No!"5 seconds later..."I want to eat."....."Ok" about 20 seconds later....."Is it time to eat?" ..."Yes William. Get in your chair and I will put it on your plate."... "Oh, just a second momma." GRRRRRR!

While I was cooking lunch:
"What are you doing?"... "I'm cooking mac and cheese for lunch."... "Is it ready?"... "Not yet, in about 3 minutes it will be time to eat." about 30 seconds later...."Can I eat it now?"...."No, I have to let the noodles finish boiling." about 1 minute later....."Is it ready yet?"..."Not quite. I have to drain the noodles and mix in all the ingredients."...."Why?"...."This is how you make mac and cheese."15 seconds later......"Is it time to eat yet?"...."Just a minute, I am almost done."...."I want to eat. Can I eat?"...."When it's done." 30 seconds later...."Is it ready?"..."No William, quit asking and sit in your chair. I'm just about done."..."I'm ready to eat now!"...."I understand that, but I need to put it on your plate and let it cool a little."..... sitting in his chair "I'm ready momma."...."Ok William. Here, take your plate and blow on your food so it doesn't burn your mouth."... getting down from his chair "Wait momma, I got to go peepee." AHHHHH!

Sitting at the doctors office:
"Is it time to go?"..."Lane has to see the doctor, then it will be time to go."...."Is the doctor coming?"..."Yes baby. The doctor will see us in a minute."...."Then we can go?"...."Yes, after the doc looks at Lane."...."The doctor is going to look at Lane and not me right momma?"...."Yes, she will check Lane's booboo."..."Then we can go home?"...."That's right, we will go home when we are finished."...."No momma, when the doctor is finished."...."Yep, your right William."about 2 minutes later....."Is it time to go home?"....."No William. Remember what I said? After the doctor looks at Lane we will go home."about 3 minutes later...."Are we done yet? I want to go home."....."I know you want to go home, but we are waiting for the doctor."...."What is that doctor doing?"...."Looking at other patients."...."No momma. She's looking at booboos."...."She probably is looking at other booboos. She will get to us in a minute."...."Ok mama, but I am ready now!" Doctor comes in...."Doctors here now, lets go!"

Cooking dinner:
"I want something."...."I'm cooking dinner right now."...."Is it time to eat?"....."Not yet. It's got to boil for a few more minutes."......"But I want something now."...."Sorry honey, I'm making dinner. You can wait."....."I want to eat."...."So I have heard!"...."No really momma, I want something."...."Well, you'll really have to wait for dinner!"...."Is it done yet?"...."No baby. I just turned it off so the sauce can get thicker. Give me two more minutes." 1 minute later...."Momma, is it done?"..."It's done enough. I'm putting some on your plate."...."I can eat now?"....."I'm getting it on your plate, but you should let it cool for a little bit."...."It's too hot?"...."Yes baby."..."I want to eat."...."I understand."...."Is it cool yet?"...."Probably not because I just put it on your plate."....."I want to eat"....."Go sit in your chair and hush up!"...."Don't tell me that momma, be nice to me!"
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