Poem: Birds In Flight

Birds In Flight

Cold droplets of dew blanket the earth, pale grey seeps into the sky.
The stillness is broken.
The world, now exposed, comes alive.
Night serenades cease as others awaken, rejuvenated and ready for dawn to arrive.
...and the birds begin to sing.
Warmth radiates from the orange sun, rising ever slowly.
The air is buzzing.
The world, now exposed, is glowing.
Flowers unfold to display various hews as trees spread toward the light, making glorious the landscape and to assist earths' will to thrive.
...and the birds begin to fly.
...and the birds begin to sing.
What an honor it is to witness such a scene.
How I wish to observe it upon a pair of wings.

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A quote made to myself...

I try to follow my own advice; Turns out it's not so easy.  If I was to follow my own advice, Maybe I could see an ending!


*This is a note to myself!
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Suggestions and Experience 1908Image by genibee via Flickr

What do I have to do?

Alright... advice please!
Medieval illustration of a Christian scribe wr...Image via Wikipedia
  I was told by a reliable source (who will remain unknown) about a year ago that writing will never be more than a hobby or release for me. Disappointed and hard headed, I decided to ignore this reliable source and continue to put my writing out there in hopes of finding some sort of work. I never have liked people telling me what I should or shouldn't do! I would love to prove this source wrong and become a famous writer, but I haven't had much luck.
  So far I've...
*Started this blog and advertised it every way I can.
*Made my own Facebook page and joined a couple blogging networks (Blogher)
*Called every magazine in existence just for them to tell me no.
*Called every newspaper in Texas, but they all seem to have an abundance of writers already.
*Emailed online websites asking to write for their newsletters, but I am ignored.
*Contacted many websites like Freelance.com to bid on jobs just to be turned down.
*I've even called an infomercial for writing medical reports online, but it turned out to be a scam.

  I do understand that it takes a long time to establish yourself as a writer before it can be a full-time (dream) job. Right now, I'm trying to get my name out there and make a little money while I'm at it. Could this source actually be correct? What the hell am I not doing?
See... advice is much needed!


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Changing things up...

Yes... I did it again. I changed up the Design of my blog. I'll get it right one of these days! What can I say... I'm a Gemini!

Tell me what you think!


Predictable Surprises

  I believe it's crazy not to expect surprises in life, good... and bad. We all know that they can pop up at anytime no matter whatever else is happening at the moment. We all seem to understand that they can happen to anyone, all races, religions, and social stature. Yet... everyone seems genuinely SURPRISEd when they do! I say... roll with it.
  If it's a shocking but exciting surprise... well, I don't think that really needs explanation. Be happy about it! (I've recently had something like this happen) If it's a shocking but upsetting surprise... take some time to vent to a loved one or friend, then start figuring out how to move past it. (I've recently experienced this too) The longer you hold onto these feelings or feel sorry for yourself, the longer it will be before you can get things squared away. It could also cause physical and mental reprocutions to your body and mind. Your thoughts and feelings effect the way your body runs. It can weaken your immune system and depression can form. You actually make yourself sick. It's important to keep a positive mindset and everything will fall into place. (literally sometimes) If your negative, then negativity will find you. This is a proven fact!
  I'm speaking from A LOT of experience. This is the one piece of advice (out of many!)that has always worked for me. I never know what in the hell to expect anymore when I wake up in the morning. So...I expect the unexpected!


Poem: Cease


Drumming my fingers to the sound of rain,
Wondering what my next step will be.
Uncertainty clouding my mind,
Sometimes to thick to see.
Suspected outcomes laid out like paths,
Which one should I take?
Sleepless nights filled with intense thought
on decisions I must make.
Chanting your words,
Thinking of you immediately puts me at ease.
Knowing the hour will arrive
When all troubles will cease.

Ceasing to exist in the minds of man,
Struggle will be a forgotten thing.
Ceasing to live in the hearts of man,
Pain will be a bad dream.
Ceasing to penetrate the body of man,
Negativity will be a banished theme.
Chanting your words,
Thinking of you immediately puts me at ease.
Knowing the hour will arrive
When all troubles will cease.


Poem: Guide


A flicker of flame,
Soft against the wall,
Dancing about the room.
Warm thoughts ease my mind,
Always turning to you.
An amber glow,
Invading the moonlight,
keeping shadows at bay.
Before my eyes,
You stand there,
Waiting to show me the way.

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When is the time to say goodbye?

  Among the many hard decisions I've decided to do nothing about, there is one in particular  that I believe can't be avoided too much longer. It pertains to a beloved family pet.
  Pinny is our 5yr. old Miniature Pincher. My husband drove to Galveston, Texas one fall morning to retrieve her from a cousin of his in 2005. She was just a couple months old at the time and the only one of her litter to survive. At an early age, we noticed problems with her already fragile legs. Over time, her condition continues to worsen. She's got arthritis in the joints of all four of her legs. This is a rare condition for her breed. We've come to the conclusion that it's due to over breeding. There are only a few ways we can help her. Surgery is the first and most expensive option which makes it out of the question ($1,500 a leg). Secondly, she can receive a steroid shot every couple of weeks (over $30.00 a shot), but overtime the steroids will do more harm than good to her little body. The last option is Pregnazone and Tramadol tablets she would take daily. Over time though, these prescriptions get expensive and ineffective. These options do not fit into our budget, but it's out of the question to leave her in so much pain. She has no quality of life. So... where does this leave us?
  Our animals (3 dogs) are very much apart of this family. My boys grew up with Pinny's motherly protection and daily face licks. Pinny was our baby before we had children. It's hard to imagine her not being here, but it's even harder making the decision that will cause her to not be here. We are in a place where we are not sure how much longer we should let her go on this way. Are we keeping her here solely for our benefit now, or does she have some life left to live? That would be the question I have been avoiding. That is the decision it's time to make.

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~Birds of a feather~