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Tick, Tock, Ticking in my head
An invisible timepiece dangles
Keeping me constantly aware
Held captive in it's snare
Tick, Tock, Ticking... everywhere
Racing, chasing against shadows
Gathering bits of lost time
Watching white rabbits run through my mind
Scared of what there is to find
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock
Influential numbers ruling my life
Bullying me into action
Receiving no satisfaction of accomplishment
Draining the passion for which I was meant
Tick, Tock, Ticking...
A constant battle to beat the clock
Resisting the pull of time
Wanting to make this life mine
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock... chime

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My Baby

Baby toes

My Baby

Overjoyed and sleep deprived
Sweet smiles, soft cries
Tiny fingers and ten toes,
I hold you to my heart and promise to cure your woes.
Diaper changes and feeding times
Singing songs, reciting rhymes
Wide eyes and a curious stare
We, your family, have tons of love to share.
Growing slightly everyday, but my baby you will stay!


I'll Be Seeing You

I'll Be Seeing You

Until the sun has risen and fell upon my last days,
I will look heavenward beyond what my eyes can see.
Comforted by the fact that you are watching over me,
Always in my heart and surrounding me with your spirit.
I can feel you there.
Until I see your vibrant face staring back at me,
I will be seeing you in dreams.

At the end of my days on earth
After the last sunset,
I will be waiting in twilight between both worlds.
Beneath the emerging stars,
I will be looking for you as you come to welcome me home.
Like an angel you will appear to take my hand on a journey to the other side.
Ready as you once were, you will guide me to God.
I have missed you, but knew this day would come.
Surrounded by love and rose colored light,
I will rejoice as we reunite.

I love you!

For Grammy
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