Inside Out

Breathing… inhaling the stench of defeat.
Sudden realization of my predicament saddens me.

Hot tears spring forth from tired eyes.

What a joke…

Am I

For how long, I am unsure.

How long will I endure.

Ticking inside…

It’s only a matter of time.

All will be lost.

All will be known.

Behavior I can’t condone,

Rising from the inside out.

Just playing the game



Holding in...

Birds into the sunset

Choking back the tears,
I choose to smile
... for awhile.
Sunlight dancing across the wall,
causing me to concentrate... reflect.
Thumbing through pages
Vast emotions unwilling,
refusing to turn into words.
Leaning into the pillows,
careening into sadness.
I did this... I did

A hum in the air,
a whisper upon the wind.
Unspoken feelings,
held within.
Tears escape me...
Still forcing a smile
cause that's my way

Tall grass, open field
red sun setting in a magenta sky.
Holding fast to memories
as I cry.
Freely... openly
I alone know the truth
If only I could fly.

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Just sayin...

To know is to understand, yet I find myself constantly misunderstood. I don't really feel the urge to be gotten by all... just one will suffice.


Just a tidbit...

Life has a habit of ignoring the things you want and giving you the things you need. Somethings aren't meant to be. Somethings may surprise you as being exactly what you were needing. Trust in life... trust in God. The guy really knows what he is doing? When it seems impossible to believe what is happening is meant to happen... take a breather and look at the bigger picture. Chances are you will begin to see all the pieces falling together. Pay attention to life and learn from it. Experience things... I mean really experience them. Use the brain you were given and ponder life itself. You will notice a difference in yourself. You will learn to trust...  not to take things for granted. You will see the miracles of life.


Crazy, poetic life on Twitter

I’ve finally done it. I tweeted! I made an account for my blog on Twitter. It’s about time right? (Actually… I already had an account for myself, but never used it.) If you would like to follow me on Twitter, click on the contact me tab and click the follow me button. I’m moving up in the world!


Pieces of Me

Pieces of Me

Stacks upon stacks; invisible stacks
of thoughts, feelings, memories.
Fragmented and whole, the words
on display only my eyes can see.
Effecting none... effecting everyone
who walks within it's space.
Pieces of me float about, taking ahold of the place.

Unrecognizable to the untrained eye,
though signs are everywhere.
Lists and lists of ideas hanging unseen upon the air.
Traces of facts, traces of lies... paragraphs of sizable size,
Absorbed by all, even those who never knew
Pieces of me now reside in you.

Do what you wish with the knowledge I give
I know not whether I affect the life you choose to live

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~Birds of a feather~