Step one...

Waking up with the rising sun, rays of light falling upon my bed... another day older. The smell of fresh brewed coffee filling the room; tasting the warmth against my lips... another hour older. I watch the rhythmic movement of the hours, minutes passing slowly... listening to the tick tock tick tock. Times' slipping away and what have I done? Same routine everyday... same excuses getting in my way. Why? What is there to lose... what is there to gain?
  Looking into the mirror I see a face. Can't be mine... no way. Tired eyes, forgotten smile, creases upon rough skin. A perplexed look fixed upon this face causes me to wonder; what happened to this woman? Why the worry... why the pain? Her reflection tells a story that may never be known. I understand though that she needs to make a change!
  So little time to waste. Lost hours can't be replaced. Realization hits hard as I gaze upon my children at play. There is much that remains to be done. There is much that remains to be seen, feelings to be felt and people to love. Where do you begin? Which way do I lean? One question leads to another... but in the midst something becomes clear. Until I take the first step, the goal will never be near. Finding the woman in the mirror once more, I ask of her what to do. She answers meekly "help me...  help you."  
  That's it! I've found the answer. To move forward, I must begin with myself. Healing the heart, repairing the soul will cause everything to fall in place like a chain of dominoes. I whisper "Thank you... Goodbye", to the defeated image as I turn to walk away. Never again will I look upon her face. I've got a fight to win against procrastination and I feel it's going to go my way.


* This post was inspired by Jessica @ Kick in the Blog

What do I Love to do?

Recently I was asked  "What do you love to do?" This question shouldn't be a hard one to answer, but for some reason... I had to think about it. Somewhere between becoming an adult and a mother, I lost myself. Besides writing (which is an obvious answer), I couldn't come up with anything. I know what I love about my life (my boys). I know I love my life! I don't however, know what I love to do in life. After putting a lot of thought into it... this is what I came up with.
  1. Writing poetry or about anything else that comes to mind.
  2. Simply being with my family and the one's I love.
  3. Smiling, laughing, crying happy tears.
  4. Sleeping (especially when it rains!)
  5. Reading just about anything.
  6. Eating dessert.
  7. Being amongst natures' beauty.
  8. Taking hot bubble baths.
  9. Helping others.
  10. Loving life.
Realizing that it shouldn't have been difficult to answer this; I have come to the conclusion that I don't do enough for myself. This is one goal I'm setting for myself that I am going to love to fulfill.

What do you love to do?


To the point

May the words finally be spoken,
feelings spilling from my lips.
May the silence finally be broken,
the truth falling like chips.
However you take this...
is no concern to me.
The end is near and I've got the key.


Welcome to it

A continuous transformation;
one stage to the next
Learning, experiencing...
piercing the veil of possibilities
Faltering at times
Rising above expectations at others
Frustrating yet beautiful
Saddening yet joyous
Always full of surprise
To love...
to understand
To have compassion for your fellow man
Forgiving faults...
forgetting hate
Finding inner peace,
Consenting to fate
Figuring out beliefs
Sharing knowledge
Utilizing skills
Pondering ancient mysteries
Discovering passion
Sailing on the mighty seas
Wishing, dreaming upon a star
Catching fireflies in a jar
Respecting nature and all her glory
Growing old...
growing wise
Realizing your worth
Leaving your mark on



Two roads lay before me.
One being worn, comfortable
One being  freshly paved, unknown.
I could continue on... bumping along the rocky way.
I could detour from the original and take a chance.
Change wouldn't be easy, but it might be for the better.
I can't determine the outcome...
I can't pretend someone wouldn't hurt.
For my boys... a decision must be made.

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~Birds of a feather~