Wouldn't you say...

Life is comparable to the wind...

constantly changing direction,
flowing to unknown destinations upon a whim.



I pray...
to the brilliant white light of our maker and to the love contained within it.

I pray...
every night before I close my eyes. I pray every single night as I stare upward at the darkness of the room.

I pray...
for my loved ones, for happiness and peace to envelope all. I pray for the things anyone else would pray for.

Before I say Amen; before I drift slowly into my dreams I make sure to say thanks for anything I may have taken for granted during the bustle of the day. I thank our creator for allowing me these things that so many others less fortunate are forced to do without.

Material items such as my favorite pair of earrings, or that comfy chair I love to curl up in with a book. Simple things such as my morning cup of coffee and those few stolen moments I can get to collect myself each day. Amenities such as electricity and clean running water. The roof over my head and food in my fridge. The most important things in my life... my family and friends.

I must say though, I have realized today with the help of a friend that I tend to forget to mention my husband. I neglect to recognize the fact that I take him for granted. I should be grateful for all that he does for our little family; all that he sacrifices. Even when he makes me mad sometimes, err... ummm... maybe it's more like daily!

If I was to wake up one morning and find myself without the things I take for granted...
he wouldn't be there.

He wouldn't be there... and I would regret it.

I'm not sure why I have forgotten to include him in the past, but after much thought... I've realized I want him in my future. I want him there. For me, for our boys... he needs to be there. I'm going to make sure he will be.

Now if I could just get him to do the same.


*This post was inspired by Kick In The Blog

Good things are happening

My little family and I have recently made a few major changes that have effected us in a really awesome way. One of these changes was an out of state move due to my husband (we shall call him A) getting a new job. This job is exactly what we were needing to dig ourselves out of this hole we fell into. Another plus about this change is the state we moved to. I'm originally from here and most of my family lives here... basically I came home!

The downside to this is my husband A's work schedule. It's the pitts!

He is on a probationary basis right now which means he has to work the hours that everyone else hates. This basically leaves me alone with three rowdy boys for the hardest part of the day... evenings. I don't know about you... but feeding three cranky bottomless pitts, wrangling their extremely dirty bodies into the bathtub, and getting them to bed (in their own bed) on time is quite difficult for me.

I'm happy to say though that I've done well... I'm really proud of myself. This schedule has forced me to step up to the plate and get my sometimes lazy butt in gear. It has allowed me to take back control. I feel more confident and less dependent on A.

The less I rely on A... the less I'm likely to be disappointed when he lets me down.

Good things are happening which makes the decision to move here even more worth it!


Enchanted Hideaway

Clear, icy water
bubbles softly as it flows.
Swirling, churning
as it slips past
algae covered stones.
The smell of damp earth
permeating the air.
Hidden from the outside world
by broad outstretched
arms of ancient oaks.
Flanked by land
containing a pallet of emerald green
with pops of red, blue and yellow.
Brimming with a variety
of life who
calls this home.
A peaceful, enchanting scene.


A Fall Morning

 A crisp fall morning awakens from it's deep slumber.
Cold mist hangs about the air.. showing signs of an early winter.
The first fingers of  sunlight melt the invading frost as it creeps upon the landscape.

The world stirs to a chorus of birds rustling amongst the tree branches.
Insects and animals alike emerge from their damp earthen homes to ready themselves for a day of work.
A tiny, red squirrel scampers hurridly across the ground.

Flora and fauna open towards the slowly warming sky revealing a vibrant pallet of colors.
The fragrance of purple pansies mingle with wet earth to form a heavenly scent
A bee... (unable to resist) weaves in and out of the silky petals.

Forming shadows dance atop the high grass as a breeze blows past.
Dogs bark in the distance, romping through the fields.
No other sounds exist...
No other sights to be seen,
but Mother Nature herself.

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~Birds of a feather~