It's Not Complicated, but I Am

By: patriciaegreen

What I was...
Who I am
Shouldn't matter

Just tell me
How do I make you feel?

Do my words pulsate through your body,
Lulling you into a state of understanding?

Do my eyes tell you things
My mouth can not say?

Does my caress propel chills up your spine?

Does my poetry kiss you in places
That have previously been ignored?

Tell me...
How do I make you feel?

... and that's what matters


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image by Zelko Nedic

Mischievous Meanderings
Find me

As the summer days
Grow long

As I find myself with
Nothing to do

As I laugh wickedly
From behind innocent eyes

Only I know
What I'm capable of


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Fear of the Future

Beads of water trickle down my face
Converging with salty tears
My hair, like fire, a mess of matted curls
As the rain attempts to beat me down
From a souless sky

Standing there...
Amid the darkness
Waiting for the night to swallow me whole
Fearless thoughts racing through my mind
My body chilled and aching from cold

Numb to it all
No other soul but me in sight
No one but me and lonely dark night
You ask "Why so bold?"
Truly I don't know
Why I was released
My fear of the unknown

Unknown lies in the shadows
Unknown dances alongside the leaves
Unknown falls around me like rain

Yet... my fear has ceased
... My fear has ceased


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A Fraction Of My Mind

Figure Eight, 1952, by Franz Kline


Forming a figure 8
Within the confines
Of my complicated mind
Although unfocused
I watch them form shapes
I don't want to understand

They most certainly understand me

Hello... they breathe
As I shift my eyes
So they won't know
That I know
What they want


Magpie Tales

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Bird Song

Oh, how I envy thee
To be so free...
To fly with silky wings
To view the world in all her splendor
To float upon a breeze

To sing a song of devotion
To serenade the sky
To proclaim my love as I dance
To hear the earth as she sigh's

I watched with pleasure
As she came to rest
In a wooden embrace

To her... I did attest
My most intimate secrets

To me... she did sing her empathy


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artwork by Jack Vettriano

Gazing out
Undetectably tortured eyes
For one glimpse of you
As I maintain my front
Too vain to consider
How you really feel
I await your return


Magpie Tales

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Noodles... and My PawPaw's Barn

My PawPaw's barn

Vermicelli noodles
Saute' in my skillet
Smelling comparable to hay
As I stir

At once I'm reminded
Of the red weather beaten
Barn behind my
Maw Maw and Paw Paw's house

A playhouse, a hideout
Conceivably dangerous
To my cousins and I

The hay...

In every corner

A musty, earth smell
A dry, animal smell
And Suddenly I'm no
Longer hungry

I watch as they brown
Just like my Grandfathers
Skin after a day tending
His fields; his cows

Wiping his brow
Blue hankerchief
Soaked with pride

"C'est chaud. J'ai besoin d'un verre d'eau."
... He says when he walks through the door

The noodles...

Stirring, encircling
The smell shifting
From musty to burnt

Burnt Hay...

Even cows wouldn't
Eat this crap
I conclude as I stare

So... I let it burn


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Poetic Mind

Fluttering like butterflies
Through my mind
Exciting my brain

Words fly

I catch them
Collect them
Connect them

I need them
I want them
Never to stop


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To Lane...

I find myself taking you for granted
And I know you feel this
Just as you have sensed
All my emotions since before your time

I see myself in your hazel eyes
Saddened by the image they project
Freckles sprinkled like cinnamon atop your nose
An attitude as fiery as the hair adorning your head
The need for love screams through your actions

Thoughtless words you've witnessed
Have caused you pain
I have caused you pain
So I cry at the realization of this

What kind of mother does that?

I blame myself for your anxiety
I hope one day you will understand... forgive me


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Gratifying Work

Hay, 1951 by Thomas Hart Benton

Pitchfork in hand
Even as
Calluses smolder

Admiring the sun
Casting it's
Morning light
Kissing the land


Tending that which will
Feed your family
And stead


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Changing Me




You say it’s me, I say it’s you… 

Neither of us though, actually have a clue

It’s bigger than that… you and I

It’s bigger than just our little lives

You say it’s my walls, my lack of interest

You say I’m the cause of the issues at hand

I say it’s you… your negativity

I say it’s your attitude and inability to understand


A feeling of loss gathers in my stomach

Weighing down it’s contents and my heart

Swirls of sadness dance… circling my head

Blocking my vision of the world

A longing for something unknown to me

Hangs like a cobweb around my thoughts

Capturing  the confusion settling there

Ideas that peddle through my mind

Are quickly shunned due to the reality they contain

Decisions too hard to make

Linger like a thick aura

Resentment coils around my heart

I refuse to change… to give in

But where is it ….

Where is the end?

What are the truths within these words?

Will either of us win?


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The truth is...

I'm not without flaws...
I've just learned to look past them
I'm not without fears...
I've learned to fight them
I'm not without pain...
I've learned to hide it
I speak the truth...
Whether it be what you want to hear or not
All you have to do is ask

No one is perfect. I don't expect them to be and neither should you.

Until you understand this... you don't really understand me.


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Ophelia by Odilion Redon

As I lay upon the earth
I slip into it's folds
Absorbed completely within

Seeping into the crevices
Filling angry cracks with love
Encouraging the seedlings to push forth

Gliding beneath teal waters
Freely I explore the depths of my soul
Like a newborn fish

Growing alongside the flowers
Admiring their beauty
As I wait for my chance to bloom

Hovering amid the clouds
Climbing to new hieghts
I spread my wings

Becoming one with mother
I share my energy
She gives me strength


*Written for Magpie Tales

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