Push Pinned

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You cradle my likeness
In the palm of your hand
As you push pins
Deep into it's heart
Jabbing... Jabbing... Jabbing
Until you are certain
Nothing more remains


~ Written for Poetry Jam
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The Truth Lives

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Speaking thoughts, fears
Slipping past trembling lips
Breathing life into syllables, sounds
Professing them absolute
There's no going back
No denying what was spilled
Only Truth lives here now


~ Written for Open Link Night @dVerse Poets Pub
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Apparently I have a lot left to learn...

Lessons linger within the shadows
Of my day
Ripe with anticipation
Popping out at the most
Inopportune moment

"BOO!" they scream
As their laughter echo's inside
The walls of my brain

Vanquishing their evil grins
I change tactics once again
While sporting a smile
To navigate through the complications
Of my crazy, beautiful life

Apparently I have a lot left to learn...


~ Written for Poetry Jam.
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I sensed your intensity
Your stare
A definite change of atmosphere
Of attitude
Before I spotted you

There, in the dark
A black form
Within the ashen room

Watching me
As I -You
Our curiosity intermingling
In silence
As the hour shifts to three

Your presence, my friend
Is as real as mine
And I am not afraid


~ A true occurrence written for Open Link Night @dVerse Poets Pub
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by Curtis Wilson Cost

Golden light
Filtering through marred panes
Pierces the darkness
Lending little comfort
To the unknown
Little comfort
In a lonely, sleepless night


~Written for Magpie Tales
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A tangled mass of words
Hunger to scream
Through grimaced lips
And slice where the sun don't shine


I refuse to let that occur
I will smile sweetly
As I tear shit to shreds
When no one is looking


~Written for Open Link Night @dVerse Poets Pub  *Please excuse my madness!
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Reaching For The Stars

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Stumbling through the days has proved to be problematic. Even more so than what I'm stumbling for.
The reasons why I should break free stack higher than those that keep me chained. Yet here I remain. Here I stay within the walls of dying hope and happiness. Here I struggle to trudge through with smiles and laughs for those who will never understand.

I look to the moon and stars for a message. I lose myself within their power and knowledge in which they have bestowed since the beginning of time. Grabbing star dust, I sprinkle my eyes in order to regain a lost spark that once resided among deep blue knowing. Taking moon dust, I lather my skin to regain the radiant glow of my youthful lust for life. I pray the words I long others to hear, but in the past have fallen upon deaf ears. The ears that exist here... hear all. They understand.

 Falling to earth; to reality I shed a tear for the immense pleasure that remains so short lived.


~ Written for dVerse Poets Pub
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