Entertain Us

Alvimann from morguefile.com

How they portray you to be
Is not - REALITY
Only fabricated lives
Leading to more lies
In order to keep up

Even reality
is NO longer
When it comes to TV
These days


~ Written for Poetics @dVerse Poets

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Photo credit: krosseel from morguefile.com

Let the rain fall
I say
Let the rain fall
For it masks the tears
That for many years
You have caused

What's the point of this
That is our life
What's the point of this
I ask
What's the reason
You so selfishly stay
What's the reason
That you refuse to say

'Cause this is real
No matter what you think
And it will not just go away
This is real
What I feel
This is happening straightaway


~Written for Wordsmith Studio Poetry
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For Now

Photo credit: taliesin from morguefile.com

I whisper your name
Through the darkness
Breaking a silence
That has lasted years
But you are not yet able
To hear me
To understand
The extent of my emotions
So for now
I will love you
From only within


~ Written for Wordsmith Studio Poetry 
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Watch Me Burn

Photo credit: hamper from morguefile.com

Burning from the inside
Sweating passion from every pore
I'm consumed with a hunger
To live like never before

Watch me turn this life around
Watch me turn the world upside down
Watch me trip
Watch me fall
Watch me stand again
To conquer all


~ Written for Open Link Night @dVerse Poets Pub
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Why poetry?

Photo credit: d3designs from morguefile.com

I often get asked... "Why do you write poetry?"

My answer to that...

Thoughts, feelings, words burn deep within my soul; smoldering and yearning to spread like wildfire from my fingertips in the form of poetry. I'm just a girl on fire....

That's why...


Grow Up

Breathing in the knowledge
Letting it fill my mind
Turning, Churning
Processing over time
Forming realizations
That can't be ignored
Smelling the stench
Of reality
And pulling the cord
That connects you and I
From growing apart
Enabling you
From facing responsibilities
Allowing you to act
Like the child
You are


~ Written for Poetics @dVerse Poets
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My Arising

Photo credit: npclark2k from morguefile.com

Like the full moon rising
I too... will become new
To emerge as the person
I'm meant to be

A decade of hurt
Has taken it's toll
But now is the time
For my light to shine

To take my place in this world
As it should be


~ Written for Poetry Jam
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Image by Daniel Murtagh

I place my hand upon the glass
That divides us
You and I
In hopes that you too
Will place your hand atop mine
And in doing so you will realize
What's been before you all this time
The things you search for
In the faces of others
The scenes you replay
In your mind
Can become your reality
If only...
Then only...
You can shatter this barrier
That deters your bliss


~ Written for the Mag
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Soul Gazing

Photo credit: Alvimann from morguefile.com

Positioned beneath a 
Moonless sky
An absence of stars
Weighs heavy
On my mind
For each is a reminder
That life is

And each stills
A worried


~ Written for Poetics @dVerse Poets
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