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Wandering eyes, Wandering mind
 Marred heart
Searching for that missing piece
Buried beneath fertile green earth
Feeding the roots of ancient trees
Cavorting among stars and mingling with the moon
Whispering hints with the aid of the wind
Like a lost lover
Kissing skin with each wave crashing upon the shore
Echoing through lonely mountain tops
A ghost among the shadows
Waiting, Wanting to be found
Longing to mend the hole
That would complete my soul


~ Written for Open Link Night @dVerse Poets

Wiped Clean

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I warned you
There would come a time
When the dirty lens
You handed me to gaze through
Would be wiped clean
And reality could present itself
Dressed in happiness and brightly lit dreams


Written for Wordsmith Studio's Poetry Prompt

New Acquaintances

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I speak to the darkness
That I've grown accustomed too
Because it does not judge
Having been exposed to
All the worlds fears
The tears shed while alone
The madness that grows
Within a fevered mind
After the day has given you
The cold shoulder


*Written for dVerse Poets


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The wind containing whispers
Of softly spoken prayers
Caresses my cheek
And I feel the lonesome
Thoughts of others who
Are as blue as
The ocean is deep


~ Written for Open Link Night @dVerse Poets Pub

To Speak

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A thousand ways I want to say
Upon my tongue the words at play
Declaring what is held inside
Watching as the words fly by
Spreading like ashes upon the wind
Settling upon your heated skin
My reality seeping into your veins
My thoughts, your cocaine


~ Written for Open Link Night @dVerse Poets!
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