Photo credit: nacu from morguefile.com

Eyes burning with determination
You draw me in
Hypnotized by the power
I see within
The truth
Spilling like tears
Pool in my mind
While sipping your thoughts
Like sweet red wine


For Wordsmith Studio

Photography ~ Silence

Dizzy from a broken heart, I'm lost to words... so I remain silent.

photo by Dana Dampier


For Wordsmith Studio

In Denial

Ponytail by Last Exit

The truth floats heavily
Suffocating the room
Curling up within every corner
Every crevice
To make it's bed
To peer inside your
Soul- Judging
Your lack of action
Until you set it free


For the Mag!

Lighthouse Dandelions

Lighthouse Dandelions by Jamie Wyeth 

With a wave from bored fingers
Unrest is brought to the sky
As dandelion seeds float
Taking root in unknown harbors
Aeriel travelers upon the ever moving winds
Fairies dancing within the elongated shadows
Of naked discs and pallid tubes
The Priest's Crown standing proud
Among haters and lovers alike


*For The Mag and dVerse!

Love Spell

Photo credit: ren from morguefile.com

Words spiral around me
As they fall from my lips
Floating... dancing
To my quickening pulse

Plucking the universe
In crystal form
Bejeweling red curls
And a broken heart

Whispering love letters
Into the wind
Chanting... chanting
Your name

In hopes that you may
Look my way
Look my way...


* Written for Poetry Jam


Photo credit: lukeok from morguefile.com

Sketch my heart
In charcoal
Portraying the scars
So others may point judging fingers
Like winter hardened twigs

Bold in black
Buried in shades of gray

Spectators trace my charred lines
Smudging them...
As my memory blurs
From your thoughts
Affixing me with the unimportant
Like we never were...


* For dVerse Open Link Night

Photography~ Books

photo by Dana Dampier


*For Wordsmith Studio

Smiling, but not

Photo credit: cohdra from morguefile.com

I can't shake this emotion
Can't get out from underneath
This sadness... heaviness
That I'm not suppose to feel
But it's there...
Unmoved; unrelenting
In it's existence
I am determined though
To never let you know


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