photo by Mark Haley

Raw, yet breathtaking
Despite a harsh landscape
Stone by porous stone
Stepping lightly into the horizon
And into a reassuring breathe of air
Raw, yet breathtaking
Crumbling, but not yet ready to give


Written for The Mag

Imprisoned Torrents

Photo credit: can131 from morguefile.com

My loves...
Can't you see the boards
Nailed across my chest
To keep the storm of emotions
From bursting forth
And sweeping those off their feet
Who choose to ignore my love
~ Dana

For Wordsmith Studio's Creative prompt

Lost All Sense

Photo credit: wintersixfour from morguefile.com

Breathing becomes impossible
When the sound of your voice 
Finds my ears
Halting any sense that I had left
Leaving me dumbfounded in your presence


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~Birds of a feather~