Tucked Away

In my mind there is a place
In that space my desires freely wander
That's where you can always be found


Lead Me

Lead me there...
Where I need to go
Lead me to my future


Show Me Your Face

Give me a Chevy give me a levy where's my inspiration I think we lost our love of words our romanticism of life, have we lost our love and appreciation of literature the art of relating our feeling's through words, come back to me o great Gaelic poet, tell me of your glory of love the heart that leaps at the sparkle of the blue in her eyes the aching of your arms for her warmth. Give me your bleeding soul and I will give you my undenying love let us shed our recent antisocial behaviors through our electronics and show me your beautiful face humanity, I love you and your mind.

Michael Williams

** My talented brother**

Lessons of Life

One can only depend on them self... and change with the passing of time

photo by dana dampier


Morning Blaze

My heart smiles at the beauty of it all!



As the moon pulls upon the ocean, thoughts of you crash into me like waves on a rocky shore... and I can't escape the madness you unknowingly caused in my battered mind.


Train Bridge Over The Red River

You can only depend on the passing of time...
and you changing alongside it.

Dana Dampier
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~Birds of a feather~