Closer To Midnight

picture by dana dampier

When silence strikes
The small moments of midnight
The only light
Is the flickering of a candle
Truth emerges
From deep within
Because that's the time
Your heart and mind merge
Lightning strikes
Before your eyes
Reality brings tears
Muffled cries
Thunder beats at your chest
While you and darkness
Grow closer

Dana Dampier

Williams Wedding

Dana Dampier

Williams Engagement

*All pictures taken by Dana Dampier

The Struggle

We push against life
With great urgency
Yet... life laughs at us
Within the wind


Truth Hurts

Certain truths sting
My heart
Like a thousand
Being driven through
Already scarred

       Dana Dampier

Shit Creek

  Some days seem impossibly long. Loneliness stops time to laugh in your face. Clock hands unmoved. Seconds standing still... taunting. For once the silence threatens your sanity instead of saving it. So, you play a sad song in order to feel something... but it backfires. You then feel too much causing loneliness to be joined by a much darker force called fear. When fear and loneliness intertwine, you are officially up shit creek unless you have a strong paddle. Having a paddle means there is still hope. Hope of navigating through life's crap, the stench of a liars rotting breath as they spout their untruths, the rancid souls of those who only seem to cause pain... and smile upon it as a child would when receiving a prize. There will always be hope unless you join those unfortunate creatures we call our fellow human beings. I, for one, do not. So, I ask you this... will you be my paddle? I'm not sure that I have one.



Drawing chalk lines
On warm concrete
A stray rock causing 
An imperfection
Curving and zig zagging
Into the unknown
Total chaos
A beautiful abstract
Of an unhinged mind
Always thinking
But never caring
Where the next line leads



Tracing constellations on your skin
Stars furnish my eyes
Planets shift
Now orbiting us...
Our space
Deeply energized with emotion
Your mind... the moon
My heart... the sun
This room
Our universe
Time is what we make it
So we take pleasure in our creation
As shooting stars streak across our galaxy



Drumming fingers on unfinished wood
Translating thoughts into Morse Code
Tap... Tap... Tapping feelings into existence
My story
Told to the beat of my heart
... Only one will decode

Dana Dampier

Capturing Time

I found scratches on the surface of time
So I peered through
Finding a ticking heart of numbers
I plucked one from the mass
Holding it... tight fisted
Hoping it would cause time to stand still
But another formed in its place
As I opened my hand
The number I had been gripping disappeared
Time will always continue to move forward
No matter how hard we fight
What is... just is



Studying your eyes
I roam a universe
Where the light...
The darkness of you
Is apparent
Expressive stars burning
Angry swirls
Streaks of pained lightning
Conjoined into a mass
That I mentally sort and organize
To learn you
I know you
Reaching into the depths
Drifting in...
Out of the spaces of your mind
Even through your silence
I hear you speak

photo and words by dana dampier

Dana Dampier


A whisper traveling the world
Upon a breeze
Mostly invisible
With the exception
Of a morning ray of sun
Defining a single set of
Glistening leaves
Quietly sparkling
Like a star perched
Among darkness
In those little moments
Only a few can possibly 

words and photo by Dana

Dana Dampier

Still Alive

In your smile
I find mine
From your presence
I draw life
Feeling vitality
Like never before
Reminding me
That I'm still alive

picture and words by Dana Dampier

Dana Dampier

Seeking Peace

In my mind are all the words
I can't yet speak
In my heart are the feelings
I've buried deep
In my soul are the scars
The past bestowed upon me
In your eyes lie the peace
I've begun to seek



Some days
I'm slaying dragons
Some days
I am the dragon
It all depends upon whether
I've encountered you



Your Skin
Caressed by firelight
Highlighting all the spots
I'm eager to touch


Take Me With You

Take me with you
If you must go
Take me...
Never thinking of tomorrow
You occupy my heart
I'll give you my soul
We can reign over our world
Be in total control
Sleeping beneath the stars
Roam where we please
We'll battle life's beasts
Love is all we need
Take me...
And I'll show you
Things you've never seen

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