I sleep...

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I think... I dream... I sleep beneath dark skies. I see a motion picture show behind closed eyes. The sliver of moon, a beacon of light, a pathway for my flight.

A vast space of twinkling stars, calling my name, inviting me to dance. Surrounding me with romance.

Free from weight... a temporary abode, I take my leave.  My soul will fly to play in the midnight sky.


Missing you

It's been too long since I've looked upon your face, but not long enough to forget.
 Memories of you remain rooted within, secretly nurturing my heart.


Pretty Stove

Lane colored the stove door with green crayon. When I asked him why he did it... he pointed at the stove and said "Pretty". I guess it does liven up a rather boring looking appliance!


Name change

I'm thinking about changing the name of my blog so don't be surprised when it happens. Got any ideas? I could sure use some!

Mothers Love

my wild river’s caught the sun… !!! / ma riviè...Image by Denis Collette...!!! via Flickr

Mothers Love

To love so completely, beautifully as
the morning sky.
Twinkling stars surrounded by
lavender light.
Natural as the rippling waters of a river
flowing steadily into the future.
Ever changing as the
Living and breathing so another
may do the same.
Mind and soul connected as the sun and moon
to the earth... unpenitratable.
Feelings that time will never diminish;
lingering like morning dew upon flowers.
Blooming ever larger year by year.

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Making a decision may seem obvious to some, but blinding to another... life makes these things difficult for a reason. There is something to be learned from hardship.

Your loss...

Dear _____,

How could you know what you've given up when you never gave them a chance. Beautiful little souls, innocent and free. Given the chance... they will change your life; change the way you perceive the world.

Too bad you have let your pride and stupidity push people out of your life. It's your loss! We will get on just fine without you, we already have.

The Dampier Family

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~Birds of a feather~