Here in my makeshift home beneath twinkling orbs I rest.
I lie among the quiet, nestled in cold.
Sleep eludes me, but thoughts race rapidly.
Tightly I wrap in cloth attempting to squeeze out the world.
Never does it work.
It's not meant to be kept at bay.
Accepting the state of wakefulness, I reach for pen and paper.
My pill... my dose of chill.
Transferring thoughts, phrases, words; I write.
Clearing the cache.
Eyelids grow heavy as my pen fills each line.
Works everytime.
Surrounded by moonlight, quiet takes me away.
Sleep finds me at peace.
Dreaming of wishes and memories, storing fuel for the morning light.
Quiet still is the night.
Writing cures what ails me.

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Poem: Into the Light

Into the Light

Looking to the future is impossible
when one is dwelling in the past.
...not seeing what's before your eyes
...missing milestones in loved one's lives
This is not the way it's meant to be.
Crepuscular rays in the clouds in Plano, Texas
Take off the blinders;
step into the light.
There you will find a rather pleasant sight.
Beautiful things lie in waiting.
Open your heart;
uncover them with your mind.
This world is not so unkind.
Please, just give it a try.
...look to the light

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My Quote...

Big Heart of Art - 1000 Visual MashupsImage by qthomasbower via Flickr

Love is not material possessions,
it is to be possessed whole heartily.
Love is not social stature,
it is to be social with all.
Love is not money,
it is to give compassionately.
To Love is a very vast emotion we all should yearn to acquire.

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Poem: Not Goodbye


Not Goodbye

Fly upon the wings of a bird,
dance among the stars.
Say hello to heaven.
Freely run for yards and yards
in fields of green with butterflies.
Be who your meant to be,
happy and pain free.
One day I will see you again.
Until then... I shall see you in dreams,
beautiful and whole.
This is not goodbye.
I will miss you.


Thank you for the birds

From me to you...

From Ekerö in Sweden june 25th.Image via Wikipedia

No one is above help from others, not even God. It is possible to turn your life around. Take back control. It is possible to change. Want it... feel it. Except and appreciate what is there for the taking. It can be yours now till the end of days.


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*For a certain someone

Poem: Wasted Words

Wasted Words

Thoughts and feelings aired out to dry.
Invisible... so not really in existence.
Full of meaning, but chosen to be ignored.
What's the point?
What are their chances of being processed?
It's not looking good.
Floating freely, wearily about the room.
Have they been heard? ...Not this time.
Fading, fading in the distance.
Materializing into something they weren't meant to be.
Recognizable no more.
Fallen on deaf ears.
Maybe next time.
Maybe never... probably never.
It's never been a priority.
Wasted words... location unidentified.

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~Birds of a feather~