Out of Necessity

Photo credit: Gillianlee from morguefile.com

Your words - Echoing
Inside a somber mind
Gives rise to emotions
Thought long ago to be
Not out of want, but


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Photography ~ Water

photo by: Dana Dampier


* Photo taken at Buhlow Lake Recreation Area in Pineville, LA 
~ For Wordsmith Studio's Creative prompt

Nature's Nudge

Photo credit: blackbird from morguefile.com

Drifts across the magenta sky
Lulling me to think deeply
On unsavory thoughts
Bark laden arms
Cradling the feathered friend
Who gently urges me
To confront the truth
So I may be as peaceful
As she...


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Wish You Were Here

Photo credit: danielito from morguefile.com

On Summer's breeze, I ride
An emotional air coaster
Fevered from words once voiced- Never forgotten
Pale skin burning in the midday sun
While my heart burns for you
Flames melting any hope
Of reconnecting
Hair of glowing embers
A beacon, spotlighting
An always lone- Me


For Wordsmith Studio's Creative prompt

Can't Get You Out of My Head

Photo credit: rollingroscoe from morguefile.com

As the last trace of sunlight makes way for the moon
And the stars begin their journey across the sky
I'm left within the darkness
Alone- My thoughts
As uncertain as the night
Fall to you
Haunting me


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~Birds of a feather~