And I Will Be Okay

Photo by Dana Dampier

Stretch me
Bend me
Scratch my surface
With your lies
Sketch my broken heart
With your eyes
Turn me
Twist me
Upside down
Chisel my face to adorn a frown
Burn me
Bleed me
Cut out my soul
Hide my dignity that you stole
Whatever you do to try to hold me
I'll never be what you've often told me
Time will show you to be wrong
Time will place you where you belong
... And I will be okay



Another Life

image found on Pinterest

Like a moth drawn to light
I am drawn to you
From our earliest days
I have felt your pull
And have allowed it to guide me to you
Not understanding at first
How important your role in my journey
Would be
I did realize however...
That you were different
That you were special
I must have known you in a past life
I feel you've always been there
I think I loved you in another lifetime
Since you never leave my mind
Deep within I feel we've traveled together
Since the beginning of mankind
Never that afar...
Gently touching each others life
If we happen to drift apart
I know it's only a matter of time
Before this world brings us together again
More than just love or respect
It's rooted in the heavens
In the stars

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~Birds of a feather~