Imperfect Beauty

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Banishing thoughts of imperfection
Allowed a smile to play upon her lips
For stars to dance within her eyes
And THAT made her beautiful


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Unable to stray from who I am

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I can not banish these emotions into the depths of 
The moon 
A confidant- Won't allow it to be so
My own heart won't allow it to be so
The stars
Communicating their displeasure through Morse Code
Reminding me that this is who I am
Perpetually sacrificing
Myself for the sake of others




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Summer Soap

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"What are we doing?"
I ask myself
As we drip lazily through the days
Like warm honey
Like our world is crazy, awesome
When I know that's just a lie
"How long will it be before we end this soap opera?"
I wonder
Because every drama heated day
It gets harder to make that dreaded change
Life isn't meant to be a walk in the park
On a beautiful spring day- More like a night in hell
A walk must be earned through
Hard work and lessons learned
We've got to take off the shades
To allow the blistering sun to shine upon the situation
Only then will we see it's true nature
Seeing the beast for what it really is and
Fighting that bitch with all we have
Then maybe we can stand in the
Cooling spray of a sprinkler
If only for a moment


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