Studying your eyes
I roam a universe
Where the light...
The darkness of you
Is apparent
Expressive stars burning
Angry swirls
Streaks of pained lightning
Conjoined into a mass
That I mentally sort and organize
To learn you
I know you
Reaching into the depths
Drifting in...
Out of the spaces of your mind
Even through your silence
I hear you speak

photo and words by dana dampier

Dana Dampier


A whisper traveling the world
Upon a breeze
Mostly invisible
With the exception
Of a morning ray of sun
Defining a single set of
Glistening leaves
Quietly sparkling
Like a star perched
Among darkness
In those little moments
Only a few can possibly 

words and photo by Dana

Dana Dampier

Still Alive

In your smile
I find mine
From your presence
I draw life
Feeling vitality
Like never before
Reminding me
That I'm still alive

picture and words by Dana Dampier

Dana Dampier
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~Birds of a feather~