Poem: Writing


I struggle with picking my brain; scooping out thoughts laced within each other.
There are so many to choose, therefore I have nothing to say.
Untangling them in order to focus on one proves to be rather complicated.
That's what happens when your me.
Don't confuse it with being shy, it's more like being deep.
Sit with me awhile; provide me with some quiet encouragment.

As words appear in a ghostly form to hang before my eyes, ideas begin to materialize.
Sentences flow freely from the tip of my pen.
A story is fast approaching.
My mind is no longer in the present; I am no longer me.
Notice my meditation, but do not disturb.
I can not tolerate disruption.

My escape from reality is short lived; I have been productive in my absence.
I have written.
Whatever it has become is no concern to me.
It's all the same; my thoughts and dreams.
You are welcome to take a peek anytime you please.


Tell me what you think

I was playing around a bit this morning and I added the pic behind the blog title. I am not sure if I like it or not and your opinions matter to me. So......let me know what you think. Do you think I should add a picture up there or keep it like it was? If so, should I keep this pic or find a new one?

Good Mommy

  I have been informed by my oldest (who will be 4 in Jan.) that I am a good mommy. Mostly, I have earned this title by letting him have that extra piece of candy after dinner, allowing him to watch his favorite movie twice in a row, or just plain giving in to whatever it is he wants. "Momma, can I have some more M&M's?" "Sure honey, here ya go." or "Momma, can you help me put my socks on?" "You know how to put them on, but I will help you this time." My mind is telling me the exact opposite of what my heart is feeling.
  My mind (being rational) knows that all of those things actually do not make me a good mommy at all. They make me a SUCKER! He is playing me for a fool; pulling at my heartstrings. I need to stick to my guns and never give an inch.
  My heart on the other hand (being emotional) melts everytime I hear the words "Your a good mommy. Do you know that?" *sniff, sniff*  What to do? Well, I've thought about this quite a bit the last few days. Does giving in to him every now and then really make me a sucker? Will it really effect his independence and attitude if I let him slide a couple times? I think......NAAAHHHH!!  I'm taking every "good mommy" he'll give me. God only knows it won't be long before I'll be the meanest mom in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD.
  I'm no sucker. I'm a good mommy and I know it!

Poem: My Method

I escape
Like every person should
A few moments out of many
to collect myself
I escape
From money and bills
Traffic and people
To shut out the world
I escape
To reach inside my mind
Listening to my thoughts
Focusing on words
I escape
To write
I write
To escape
Now you know the method to my madness

(note: another little peek inside my head)

A peek inside my head

  Sometimes I will see things that no one else may notice. A little something will catch my eye and this creative/ passionate side of me emerges.  These things inspire me; my writing. I may think something is beautiful or magnificent, but to others it just is what it is. Take this tree for example: (keep in mind, my picture doesn't do it justice) I was outside last night having a quiet moment to myself when I noticed this tree against the purple sky. I stared at it for a long time; watching as the sky slowly darkend behind it.  To me, this is beautiful. The outline of the branches twisting and turning; the way the leaves look against the purple sky.  It was almost as if this ancient tree was emitting a force.  A power that only it could contain. Nature in itself is a force, so I assume that was what I was feeling.  I just think that this tree can tell me things no person ever could. Things about our history, lessons about life, how to battle the elements and still be so magnificent. I can imagine this tree coming to life, having thoughts and a conscious. (Lord of the Rings just popped into my head, hehe) Yes.....I got all of this from one tree. Crazy huh! Well, you wouldn't be the first to think so. 
  Is it just me or does this tree speak to you in any way? Tell me, does it stir any feelings inside of your soul? Does it tell you a story?

Fall 2009

How awesome it must be to feel so carefree! How wonderful it must be to have the whole world as your playground. A new adventure awaits them around every corner. Everything about life fascinates them and fuels thier love to discover new things. A small pile of brown, crunchy leaves had my boys so excited; I couldn't help but smile and join them. It was so refreshing.....

I'm still around.....

I just wanted to write a quick note explaining my long absence. (my guilty conscious made me!) As you know, I went out of state to visit family for the Thanksgiving holiday. I had an awesome time, but caught a cold while I was there. Let me tell ya......it was a doozy! I am feeling much better now and more than ready to start writing regularly again. I've been really busy the last couple of days trying to get my home back in order; things got a little disorganized and dusty while I was in my cold medicine stuper!
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