Good Mommy

  I have been informed by my oldest (who will be 4 in Jan.) that I am a good mommy. Mostly, I have earned this title by letting him have that extra piece of candy after dinner, allowing him to watch his favorite movie twice in a row, or just plain giving in to whatever it is he wants. "Momma, can I have some more M&M's?" "Sure honey, here ya go." or "Momma, can you help me put my socks on?" "You know how to put them on, but I will help you this time." My mind is telling me the exact opposite of what my heart is feeling.
  My mind (being rational) knows that all of those things actually do not make me a good mommy at all. They make me a SUCKER! He is playing me for a fool; pulling at my heartstrings. I need to stick to my guns and never give an inch.
  My heart on the other hand (being emotional) melts everytime I hear the words "Your a good mommy. Do you know that?" *sniff, sniff*  What to do? Well, I've thought about this quite a bit the last few days. Does giving in to him every now and then really make me a sucker? Will it really effect his independence and attitude if I let him slide a couple times? I think......NAAAHHHH!!  I'm taking every "good mommy" he'll give me. God only knows it won't be long before I'll be the meanest mom in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD.
  I'm no sucker. I'm a good mommy and I know it!


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