A peek inside my head

  Sometimes I will see things that no one else may notice. A little something will catch my eye and this creative/ passionate side of me emerges.  These things inspire me; my writing. I may think something is beautiful or magnificent, but to others it just is what it is. Take this tree for example: (keep in mind, my picture doesn't do it justice) I was outside last night having a quiet moment to myself when I noticed this tree against the purple sky. I stared at it for a long time; watching as the sky slowly darkend behind it.  To me, this is beautiful. The outline of the branches twisting and turning; the way the leaves look against the purple sky.  It was almost as if this ancient tree was emitting a force.  A power that only it could contain. Nature in itself is a force, so I assume that was what I was feeling.  I just think that this tree can tell me things no person ever could. Things about our history, lessons about life, how to battle the elements and still be so magnificent. I can imagine this tree coming to life, having thoughts and a conscious. (Lord of the Rings just popped into my head, hehe) Yes.....I got all of this from one tree. Crazy huh! Well, you wouldn't be the first to think so. 
  Is it just me or does this tree speak to you in any way? Tell me, does it stir any feelings inside of your soul? Does it tell you a story?


  1. You have Beautiful special thoughts just like you.
    I Love you
    from MOM


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