Exactly where I should be

I finally feel at peace. I finally feel like I belong.

 I've moved a lot over the years and I've lived in a lot of places; a lot of homes. They were all temporary... and they felt temporary. I couldn't really ever settle in. I wouldn't allow myself to feel totally comfortable. I didn't even unpack all my boxes. I knew we would just move again in 6mths to a year. I never truly felt like I was a part of the towns we lived in... kinda like a tourist. Like a gypsy roaming the country side, we stayed on the move trying to find where we belonged. A place that felt like home.

 It took moving to another state to find it. It took taking a chance on a tiny rent house to find our real home. Now that we are here...  now that we are mostly unpacked.... I feel as if I have always lived here. Even amongst the moving boxes and unorganized shelves, I feel as if this house was always meant for my family and I.

You can't imagine how much comfort that brings to me; how my children are so much happier. I'll never understand why it took so long for us to get to this point in our life... but I am so glad we finally made it!


A good kind of hurt

 I am finding out quickly that home ownership hurts! It's a lot of work and pushes your body to the limit... especially if you have a bad lower back like I do  ~and a really sucky rake~.

 We recently had to cut a couple giant pine trees down that were living in our backyard (and a little too close to the house). If you know anything about pine trees, then you probably understand what a disaster our yard has turned into! Limbs, pine needles and pinecones are scattered everywhere. We have two whole tree trunks laying across our yard! It looks as if a tornado passed through and wiped everything out.

 We dedicated the day yesterday trying to put a dent in the yard work that needs to be done. Today... my body is cursing at me; maybe even screaming at times. My allergies have begun to torment me and my tickly throat is driving me mad. I find myself , in spite of everything, blissfully happy! Sounds crazy, but as I sat on my tree trunk/chair last night watching the debri burning and the sun setting beyond the trees... I couldn't stop smiling. I listend to the birds singing and the bullfrogs croaking in my inground swimmimg pool/swamp ~don't even ask~ and I felt so peaceful. The wind was gently blowing causing the flowers to sway just slightly and carried the laughter of my boys across the yard.

 For the first time... I can call a home mine. I'm so proud of the projects we have accomplished to really make this place ours and the pain that proves it. I am humbled


Check, check, and check

The only words swirling about my head at the moment (the last couple weeks actually) is my to do list, my grocery list, and the list of home maintenance stuff my hubby needs to take care of. We are just about settled into our new home  ~ Yippee! ~  and I've finally got my Internet back, but the few spare moments that I've had to sit and write have yielded me nothing. I wouldn't say it's writers block because I have so much to say... I'm just having trouble organizing my thoughts so I can get them down on paper. I'm also having trouble distinguishing between what to share and what would bore you all into oblivion! I think maybe my brain is overly organized and is rejected any further requests!
My hope is that this post will be the ice breaker. I'm hoping this little message will get the words flowing again.

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~Birds of a feather~