A good kind of hurt

 I am finding out quickly that home ownership hurts! It's a lot of work and pushes your body to the limit... especially if you have a bad lower back like I do  ~and a really sucky rake~.

 We recently had to cut a couple giant pine trees down that were living in our backyard (and a little too close to the house). If you know anything about pine trees, then you probably understand what a disaster our yard has turned into! Limbs, pine needles and pinecones are scattered everywhere. We have two whole tree trunks laying across our yard! It looks as if a tornado passed through and wiped everything out.

 We dedicated the day yesterday trying to put a dent in the yard work that needs to be done. Today... my body is cursing at me; maybe even screaming at times. My allergies have begun to torment me and my tickly throat is driving me mad. I find myself , in spite of everything, blissfully happy! Sounds crazy, but as I sat on my tree trunk/chair last night watching the debri burning and the sun setting beyond the trees... I couldn't stop smiling. I listend to the birds singing and the bullfrogs croaking in my inground swimmimg pool/swamp ~don't even ask~ and I felt so peaceful. The wind was gently blowing causing the flowers to sway just slightly and carried the laughter of my boys across the yard.

 For the first time... I can call a home mine. I'm so proud of the projects we have accomplished to really make this place ours and the pain that proves it. I am humbled



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