Exactly where I should be

I finally feel at peace. I finally feel like I belong.

 I've moved a lot over the years and I've lived in a lot of places; a lot of homes. They were all temporary... and they felt temporary. I couldn't really ever settle in. I wouldn't allow myself to feel totally comfortable. I didn't even unpack all my boxes. I knew we would just move again in 6mths to a year. I never truly felt like I was a part of the towns we lived in... kinda like a tourist. Like a gypsy roaming the country side, we stayed on the move trying to find where we belonged. A place that felt like home.

 It took moving to another state to find it. It took taking a chance on a tiny rent house to find our real home. Now that we are here...  now that we are mostly unpacked.... I feel as if I have always lived here. Even amongst the moving boxes and unorganized shelves, I feel as if this house was always meant for my family and I.

You can't imagine how much comfort that brings to me; how my children are so much happier. I'll never understand why it took so long for us to get to this point in our life... but I am so glad we finally made it!



  1. Dana,

    So happy for you that you found a place where you belong, like your giant pine trees may your spirit take root in the rich earth and you find peace..


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