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That space
Where heaven and earth collide
I hunt for tranquility
For beauty
In that place
Where you hide
When else where
None is to be found


~ Written for Poetry Jam
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You trapped me in your web
Lured me with your lies
Imprisoned within the world
You spun
While spitting in my eyes
Words burning like venom
Eating at my heart
Until only a shell remains
Crumbling and marred


~ Written for Open Link Night @dVerse
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On The Mend

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For years I did fret
Over potential out-comes
Not making a move
Now my fears are realized
And I've realized
I was stupid not to do so


Here I am
No longer fractured glass
And can see the truth
Behind the smoke
Attempting to repair this
The whole of this
The best way I know how

But how...


~ Written for Open Link Night @dVerse
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The look in your eyes
Calls to me...
Drawing me into your quiet mind
And I am submerged in beautiful thoughts
Your voice quietly whispering
Your dreams
And I listen entranced
Like never before
As I float


~ Written for Poetics @dVerse Poets Pub
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Swallowing hard
Ingesting your words
They fall into my gut
With a thud...

I'm sickened
With the thoughts
Of what could be
And what is...

Knowing it never will be


~Written for Open Link Night @dVerse!
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Call Me A Clown

Emmett Kelly

Paint on my tears
And sallow frown
Put on my clown suit
Let's hit the town
I'm good for laughs
Stab me with your horns
Make me bleed
I can't feel it anymore
Your happiness matters
It keeps me moving on
Down this road I travel
Wearing the mask I've always worn.


~ Written for OpenLinkNight @dVerse Poets
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