Call Me A Clown

Emmett Kelly

Paint on my tears
And sallow frown
Put on my clown suit
Let's hit the town
I'm good for laughs
Stab me with your horns
Make me bleed
I can't feel it anymore
Your happiness matters
It keeps me moving on
Down this road I travel
Wearing the mask I've always worn.


~ Written for OpenLinkNight @dVerse Poets
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  1. there's something about clowns that always made me feel put the emotions beautifully into verse dana..

    1. Thanks Claudia... this particular clown has a real sad story yet he brought so much happiness to so many people. I feel connected to him in more ways than one.

  2. Clown always make me sad :( nice capture.

  3. Wearing the mask I've always worn.
    Man, can I empathize with that one!

    1. I was hoping some of you could. Thanks for stopping by to read!

  4. Clowns are a weird bunch, you sure captured their essence well, cheer to all and sadness to them.

  5. dang...painful in its honesty....keeping the other happy just keeps our heart pumping enough to live but so unsatisfied....ugh...nicely done...

    1. Thanks Brian! You always seem to know exactly what I'm really saying!

  6. Tears of a clown (I've been caught crying them so many times) Amazing our ability to smile on the outside while inside we fester and worry and die a slow death. Fantastic write Dana, and your rhythm and flow were spot on! Might have to call favorite on this one!

  7. Whew, this poem is rich with sadness, the sadness of a clown who tries to make others happy when he himself (she herself) has always worn the mask. Makes me sad for the clown, as I wonder who has tried to make him/her happy. I am one who is always sad for clowns..... Thanks for this write, Dana, which brings the point home.

  8. The opening lines are riveting ~ I know they are supposed to be funny but they scare me as I am very much aware its just a mask, and not really coming from the heart ~

  9. Hi Dana, clowns always scared me--this was an eloquent write, the pain was palpable as well as the resigned sadness in "I'm always good for a laugh." Well done!


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