Not of this Earth

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Cosmic orbs
Sparkle within your eyes
Harnessed directly from the stars
Dancing as you smile
That brilliant smile
Capturing the essence of you
A magical soul
A wondrous being
That can't possible be of
This dying Earth
Put here... my guess
To bring beauty back into
My little world


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Changing Direction

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Rolling through the days
Trying to find my place
Establish myself in an
Unforgiving world
Making necessary changes
Paving my way
Cause I've turned from
The old, broken road
No longer willing
To keep circling 'round
I've set my focus ahead
Shedding fears, Shedding tears
Lightening my load
And in a few years
I'll be free to roam
No longer lost
I'll be found


For Wordsmith Studio weekly prompt

Go Ahead and Try

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Rain on my parade
Cause I know you will
Eager to bring me down
I've got to tell you though
It ain't gonna work
Cause I've already won this round


For Wordsmith Studio's creative prompt

Just let me be

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One "Hello" from you
Is all it takes and
I'm groveling at your feet
One "How ya been?"
Is all I need and
I'm jonesing... jonesing
The minute I've steeled
My heart against- You
Decide to need my company
Shattering armour into a million fragments
Giving me the illusion that
I've been set free
Really though you've torn my heart
With your predictability
Cause there you are...
Then there you were
Leaving me on my knees
Jonesing... jonesing


For the 30x30 challenge

You're So Wicked

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Wicked are the thoughts
You've given to me
Wicked is the sight
You make me see
So close... so close
You stay- But
So very far
You - Play
With my heart
With my mind
Causing these wicked thoughts
Thinking you're mine


For Open Link Night @dVerse Poets Pub and 30x30 challenge

The Story of Us

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I awake to your
W h i s p e r s
Tingling vulnerable skin
Trembling from their tender caress
For physical touch
Having traveled miles of
Darkened highway
Your soul meeting mine
Telling the story of
As we intertwine
A connection- Deepening
With every moment that
Our mind is made aware
Of our love


For 30x30 challenge

Photography~ Childhood

photo by Dana Dampier

Sometimes life calls for a bit of silliness!


For Wordsmith Studio
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