Just let me be

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One "Hello" from you
Is all it takes and
I'm groveling at your feet
One "How ya been?"
Is all I need and
I'm jonesing... jonesing
The minute I've steeled
My heart against- You
Decide to need my company
Shattering armour into a million fragments
Giving me the illusion that
I've been set free
Really though you've torn my heart
With your predictability
Cause there you are...
Then there you were
Leaving me on my knees
Jonesing... jonesing


For the 30x30 challenge


  1. adored this - been there, done that; you nailed it.

    1. Thank you very much!! I appreciate you coming by to read!

  2. Sorry. I cannot get away from your poems! Nothing personal, just lovin' the way you put words together. (Had to look up "jonesing" (I'm old guy!)

    And, SO MANY (including me, can identify with these things you write, I'm guessing--personal experiences.

    "...The minute I've steeled
    My heart against- You
    Decide to need my company..."

    OH what falseness, what self-centeredness, what pride, couched in false humility!

    I've got to break away from here NOW--or I'll be writing comments until midnight! (AGAIN!)


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