Not a clue.....

I've entered a confusing time in my life. I have so many unanswered questions rolling around in my head. Struggling for so long has completely worn me out and I'm not sure how to close the hole that is beginning to form. It seems like I have so many options, but when you take a closer look..... it's only a show. There are different paths stretched out before me, but I am frozen in place. I know I must do something; I can't go on this way. I just have a feeling that I am missing something and when I find it, everything will come together. How do I find the missing piece? Which path should I take? I know...I have to answere these questions myself since I'm the only one who knows what the hell I'm talking about. Well, that's not entirely true.....I'm not sure either. Forgive me if my words are coming out jumbled, but they have not wanted to come out sounding sensible for some time now. A bit of writers block maybe? Or do I have so many thoughts that I don't know where to begin? Could be a little bit of both. Anyway, not to worry......I'm a big girl who will figure it out eventually.



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