In the wrong......

 Pettiness serves no purpose, it only breeds negativity and other such unflattering characteristics. It should hold no place in the human heart. It should not be allowed to seep into the soul. Once let in, it becomes a disease; branching throughout to wreak havoc with the mind. We as a people are above this, at least we should be. Juvenile actions and words lead us down an empty, lonely path of sadness. Turning and twisting emotions into a state of entitlement, then desperation. Show no sympathy, no pity for a childish act. It's not deserved.

 When an emotion or action feels wrong, it usually is wrong. The only way to redeem yourself is by replacing pride and anger with heartfelt honesty. Honesty is a quality everyone appreciates.

No one is -or ever will- be perfect, but we don't have to be monsters.


*Just another vent!


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