Sex Ed (The First Encounter)

We have a couple dogs who roam the neighborhood. They are not strays, but they keep escaping from the yard where they live. One is female, the other is male. Well, the female dog loves to visit our house and play with the boys. A few days ago, she was laying on our front porch waiting for the boys to go outside. The male dog apparently joined her on our porch... all of a sudden I hear William  hollering for us to come to the door, "Oh no momma... the dogs. Come here! Hurry!". I can tell by his voice that he was concerned, but more curious than anything. I quickly walked over to William and saw the two dogs humping right there in front of our screened door. "What are we going to do momma? Are they playing?" I opened the door to make them quit and leave, but I guess I startled them because they got stuck together! William was very curious and asked a ton of questions. "What are they doing Momma? Why are they doing that? Are they fighting or playing?" I replied "They're playing" and left it at that. Both the boys were fascinated by what they were seeing. We closed the front door so the dogs could untangle themselves without the boys being able to see anything, but it was a fight to keep them away from the windows. The male dog drug the female around our front yard in front of the window until they were able to work their way loose. This was the topic of our conversations for the rest of the day! I know I left William hanging with my explanation and I might have had to endure less questioning, but I wasn't prepared to explain it to him just yet. I still have plenty of time for that and I'm sure oppurtunities will present themselves!



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