Just venting

Attempting to keep your perfect world, you stay voluntarily oblivious. Pretending things are not said, ignoring the issues... making everything o.k. Do you not understand your perfect world will crumble? Maybe not today or even next year... but when you least expect it. People will not go away, issues will not resolve themselves. What will you do then? What will you do when reality comes knockin'? Your stories won't fly, your stumbling around will fail you... sinking in your own words. I will not follow suit. I refuse to go along with a false sense of reality. That's not how the world works. Hiding behind those walls will leave you lonely... weak. It will leave you clamoring to open the doors you slammed. I only hope those doors won't be sealed forever by then. Let go of this ridiculous life your leading. Open your eyes, summon your strength. Stand up to what's before you and deal with it! Let go of perfection, let go of ignorance. Be honest to yourself and everyone else.



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