Any day now...

Any day now my life is going to change forever for the third time. I'm expecting a new baby boy to enter this world and our family. This being my third boy... I'm slightly scared for my sanity! Also... if his activities in my stomach are any indication of how he will be outside of my stomach, I'm in trouble. It's been an uneventful pregnancy (with a few exceptions), but these past few weeks have been miserable for me. Contractions, backaches, sore muscles, and lots of other gross issues that I will leave unmentioned  have left me begging this child to "come out already!" On the other hand... the process of going through labor does not excite me in the least bit. My brain has suddenly recalled all the details/pain of my last two experiences and I'm officially turning into a scaredy cat!.EEEK  I am lucky though to have the love and support of many family and friends every step of the way. I also know that the moment I meet my new baby boy every pain and fear will have been worth it. This crazy household is about to get a lot more crazier!



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