Holding in...

Birds into the sunset

Choking back the tears,
I choose to smile
... for awhile.
Sunlight dancing across the wall,
causing me to concentrate... reflect.
Thumbing through pages
Vast emotions unwilling,
refusing to turn into words.
Leaning into the pillows,
careening into sadness.
I did this... I did

A hum in the air,
a whisper upon the wind.
Unspoken feelings,
held within.
Tears escape me...
Still forcing a smile
cause that's my way

Tall grass, open field
red sun setting in a magenta sky.
Holding fast to memories
as I cry.
Freely... openly
I alone know the truth
If only I could fly.

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  1. Hi Dana,

    I dropped in for a bit of reading and I could feel this heartfelt poem..the tears shed in silence.

    1. Thank you! Most of my poems are formed from raw emotions bursting through.


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