Step one...

Waking up with the rising sun, rays of light falling upon my bed... another day older. The smell of fresh brewed coffee filling the room; tasting the warmth against my lips... another hour older. I watch the rhythmic movement of the hours, minutes passing slowly... listening to the tick tock tick tock. Times' slipping away and what have I done? Same routine everyday... same excuses getting in my way. Why? What is there to lose... what is there to gain?
  Looking into the mirror I see a face. Can't be mine... no way. Tired eyes, forgotten smile, creases upon rough skin. A perplexed look fixed upon this face causes me to wonder; what happened to this woman? Why the worry... why the pain? Her reflection tells a story that may never be known. I understand though that she needs to make a change!
  So little time to waste. Lost hours can't be replaced. Realization hits hard as I gaze upon my children at play. There is much that remains to be done. There is much that remains to be seen, feelings to be felt and people to love. Where do you begin? Which way do I lean? One question leads to another... but in the midst something becomes clear. Until I take the first step, the goal will never be near. Finding the woman in the mirror once more, I ask of her what to do. She answers meekly "help me...  help you."  
  That's it! I've found the answer. To move forward, I must begin with myself. Healing the heart, repairing the soul will cause everything to fall in place like a chain of dominoes. I whisper "Thank you... Goodbye", to the defeated image as I turn to walk away. Never again will I look upon her face. I've got a fight to win against procrastination and I feel it's going to go my way.


* This post was inspired by Jessica @ Kick in the Blog


  1. I love this post Dana! I feel this way SO often... wasting away entire mornings.

    Thanks for participating in a prompt!


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