I dream for them...

I use to be a dreamer... I had big plans for my future. I'd picture myself upon the rolling green hills of Ireland or in any of the other beautiful places I wanted to visit.I had foreseen how my life would go (I wanted to be a writer).My future husbands face was etched into my brain and yes... he looked alot like Johnny Depp. I knew what I wanted and I was prepared to grab it by the horns.

Until life stepped in.

I still have dreams. I still have hope for the future, but they've changed over the years. I dream of happiness and love for my boys, whom are the loves of my life. I want the best for them like any other mother would. I hope to teach them the tools to navigate life. I want them to know that the world belongs to them, to know that they can be whatever they want to be. I pray that they will grow up to have kindness in their hearts and a gentle hand. I want them to have everything I did not. I want them to take oppurtunities that I didn't take.  I dream that my boys have a fullfilling life. I hope they will be honest, good men.

There is one dream for myself that I still hold onto and that is to be comfortable and happy with my life.

Oh who am I kidding....
I want to marry Johnny Depp!


This post was inspired by Kick in the blog


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