Love Spell

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Words spiral around me
As they fall from my lips
Floating... dancing
To my quickening pulse

Plucking the universe
In crystal form
Bejeweling red curls
And a broken heart

Whispering love letters
Into the wind
Chanting... chanting
Your name

In hopes that you may
Look my way
Look my way...


* Written for Poetry Jam


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  2. A delightful poem, very entertaining.

  3. hope they do turn and look...

    whispering love letters in the wind...
    i like that line...but the feeling def comes thru...

    1. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to give up on this one... well... maybe not! haha Thanks Brian!! I love that line too!

  4. Well, they are missing out if not... oh, I love the 1st stanza.

    1. I agree Laurie, but you can't lead a horse to water if it doesn't want to drink!! I really appreciate you coming by to visit!!

  5. Keep whispering that love spell! Maybe a little louder if they don't turn around!
    I could practically see words spiraling around and falling! Beautifully written!

  6. Love the repetition in the last two stanzas ........

  7. I like this very much. The repetition is so very effective.."chanting, chanting" and "Look my way, look my way." I do hope that whispering love letters into the wind brings love. If so, it would be a beautiful thing!

  8. Nicely done. As others have said, I too like the rhythm with the repetition. I always think this adds something special to a poem.

  9. Oh, so beautiful a love poem ... the image of your words weaving a spell is beautiful ...

  10. Love your rhythm and chant, how you wove it all together with beautiful images-wonderful :-)


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