Embracing Resolution

Me... and
Sunset infused water
As if Van Gogh painted upon a liquid canvas
Rushing upon a sandy coast
Wrapping itself around my toes
Reaching out with foamy tenderness
In an attempt to comfort with the depth of it's knowledge

The rhythmical ebb and flow
Aiding my deep contemplation
Pushing thoughts in
Pulling thoughts out

Licking the salt from my lips
Ocean breath stirring
Strands of hair
Glowing fire in the setting sun
One tear escapes fathomless eyes
Merging with the ocean as it falls

My soul
Feeling unworthy of
Deserved happiness I'm owed

This is the beginning though...
The sunset
The waves
The sand
and... I

The beginning of a new way of
The beginning of a long journey
To having patience for what's to come
To finding peace
To accepting the way things are



  1. I love the turn to the beginnings, a new page and finding peace in the world ~ Happy weekend ~


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