Shit Creek

  Some days seem impossibly long. Loneliness stops time to laugh in your face. Clock hands unmoved. Seconds standing still... taunting. For once the silence threatens your sanity instead of saving it. So, you play a sad song in order to feel something... but it backfires. You then feel too much causing loneliness to be joined by a much darker force called fear. When fear and loneliness intertwine, you are officially up shit creek unless you have a strong paddle. Having a paddle means there is still hope. Hope of navigating through life's crap, the stench of a liars rotting breath as they spout their untruths, the rancid souls of those who only seem to cause pain... and smile upon it as a child would when receiving a prize. There will always be hope unless you join those unfortunate creatures we call our fellow human beings. I, for one, do not. So, I ask you this... will you be my paddle? I'm not sure that I have one.



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