Poem: A momma to boys

A momma to boys

Building blocks and matchbox cars
Damn those hurt when stepped on
Dirty faces and muddy shoes
Look at these muddy footprints on my carpet!
Baseball, football, and soccer games
Whoa, a ball just whizzed past my head
He's got the hungry tummy blues
and so does my pocketbook!
Sticks and stones won't break thier bones
I got a nice dent in my car though
Rough and tumble boys abloom
Stop wrestling on my furniture this instant!
Filled with imagination and curiosity for the world
EEEEK, get that bug out of my house
So smart, funny, and ready to amuse
What did you just say?!!
Playing morning, noon, and night
Oh, go to sleep already
Cuddles, kisses, then Goodnight Moon
For the billionth time
Off to sleep, sweet dreams my angels
Finally, margarita time!
Tomorrow we will start a new.
Oh Lord give me the strength!


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~ Walt Whitman

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