Some of my favorite things.....

  • My two boys who will forever be my babies. To hear them giggle and laugh is more beautiful than any melody.

  • The delicate scent of parchment, ink, and history that fills the pages of a book. Sitting among pillows cozy, quiet, uninterrupted and engrossed in that book.

  • The smell of honeysuckle, lavender, and rosemary dominating the spring air.

  • Cranking my favorite music, salt rimmed margarita in hand, and pondering the meaning of life in front of a orange blazing fire.

  • The aroma and taste of an early morning cup of Community Coffee. Drinking that coffee from my favorite yellow Fiesta mug.

  • Watching the yellow sun set in a purple sky above a vast ocean of blue waves. Digging my toes into the sand as the water crashes onto the beach.

  • Laying in bed as the pitter patter of rain hits my roof and thunder slowly growls in the distance.

  • Surrounded by my family with a hundred conversations going on at once. Even the crazy members, it just guarantees that things will be interesting.

  • Biting into sweet, juicy watermelons and strawberries on a warm summer day. Putting some meat on the BBQ and serving it with potatoe salad, beans, and hot rolls on a warm summer night.

  • Nature changing into the red, orange, and browns of fall and watching as the leaves delicatley float to the ground.

  •  A butterfly fluttering about the sky, dancing among the flowers. Wings shimmering in the sun.

  • Turning my experiences, thoughts, and emotions into poetry then sharing it with all who care to listen.


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