I'm thankful for......

I'm thankful for nature. Nature is raw, soothing, and forgiving. Nature is so complex, but yet its beauty is simple. The way the earth replenishes itself and heals it's scars over time shows it's strength. The cycle of the seasons (Fall being my favorite), the rise and fall of an oceans tide, the sun and moon sharing the same vast sky is simply wonderful to witness. The magnitude of the force that keeps us on our planet is fascinating. Being able to watch as the sun sets behind the trees is a beauty no artist can fully capture, gazing at the twinkling stars above,  the sweet scent of nature flowing through the air. In our hectic day to day life, it can be easy to take the world for granted. Stop what you are doing for a minute, walk outside and let your senses take over. Breathe in the smell of the plants and trees. Watch as the trees sway in the breeze and listen to the slight whoosh as the air passes through the leaves. Listen to the beautiful melody of a bird. Feel the warm sun on your skin as the breeze flows all around you. Just relax.


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