Poem: Fall Season

Fall Season

A carpet of leaves lay upon brown earth;
twitching, rolling in the gusts.
Crunching underfoot.

Wooden smells eminating from stone chimneys;
rising up, then invisible to the eyes.
Fragrancing the air.

A feast of tasty morsels bubbling, baking;
being readied to satisfy hungry stomachs.
Warming bodies.

Majestic oaks blazoned in fiery red, burnt orange, and brown;
swaying as one with the wind.
Ancient giants.

Early mornings, early nights;
sun and moon conjoining to stare upon us from the heavens.
Witnessing our feebleness.

Woodland animals scurry about;
stockpiling small dwellings.
 Preparing for the coming frost.

A bitter chill hangs in the air;
enveloping all things.
Entwined with nature.


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