Only being honest...

  Yesterday, my little family and I went on our weekly shopping trip to Wal-Mart. The trip started out great with both the boys in very non-whiney or "I want this, this and got to have that" moods. Right when I thought we were going to be able to check out and exit the store without any issues... William gets ants in his pants and begins running around. We give him his warning which includes him settling down or his beloved bubbles are staying at the store. The warning goes unheaded so daddy puts the beloved bubbles back on the shelf just as promised. Well, this doesn't make for a happy William.  He begins begging in a very loud voice as tears stream down his cheeks. Me, being the push-over I am, sits beside William on the bench next to the pharmacy. I begin my spill about bad decision making and we discuss how we are suppose to act in a store. William told me he understood what he did wrong and then apologized for his behavior. After hugs and kisses where given I grab the bubbles off the shelf. Before I handed the bottle back, I asked William... "Are you going to be a big boy and listen so we can purhase your bubbles and go home?" He promptly replies... "I certainly hope so mommy. I want to blow my bubbles." *sigh* At least he was honest!



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