Ten years...

  Ten years... ten years have gone by since I have graduated from High School. This little fact was made known to me when I checked the mail yesterday. It came in the form of a gold and maroon postcard with a picture of the graduating class of 2000 stamped right on front. On the opposite side was a note written in italics explaining that it has been ten years since our graduation. A class reunion has been scheduled for May.The note also commanded that I must RSVP at once because everyone is waiting to see me and I didn't want to miss it. Well, I'll be damned if this little postcard will tell me what to do!
  I'm not exactly where I thought I would be at this stage in my life. I haven't accomplished much except for spitting out a couple kids and gaining a hundred pounds. I never graduated from a nice college or held a job worth bragging about. I'm a frumpy stay-at-home mom who's major decisions consist of which room to clean that day or if I feel like cleaning at all! I don't have many friends (only a couple from High School) and no social life at all! I'm addicted to facebook and my t.v. shows that I watch religously. I live in a dumpy trailer falling apart around us and I drive a granny car. Now... don't get me wrong! I'm not unhappy about my life. I just thought I would have more under my belt.
  After analyzing the picture and reading the note a half dozen times, I chunk it in the trash. I'm not going. That's all there is to it! I really don't feel the need to see anyone from High School and tell them about my crazy/boring life. I don't want to hear about their wonderful jobs, wild social lives, and all the weight they lost! I understand this won't be true for everyone there. I understand I'm probably not the only one who's life has gone in this direction, but I'm not ready to face these people. I'm not ready to show them who I am because... at this point, I don't even really know who I am.
  So, that settles it. Much to the postcard and my husbands disappointment... I'm skipping the ten year reunion!


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