Listen up...

Grab your little one's and squeeze them tight... never let go. Cover their little faces with kisses, dirt and all. Play with them, talk with them, listen to their stories. Cherish every word, every milestone. Remember those tiny hand prints all over the wall, they won't last forever. Knick knacks can be replaced, floors can be cleaned, stains can be removed, but nothing can replace a child. Look at children for what they are... gifts from god, miracles, little angels. Love them with every fiber of your being, and then some. Step up to the challenges they present, teach them the ways of the world. Appreciate all that they have taught you. Most importantly, look into their eyes every chance you get and say, "I love you". Don't ever let go without a fight. Thank god every single day that they are in your life.  All too often, these angels are taken away...
Heidi... I pray to your beautiful baby boy and for your broken heart.
Angie... I pray for your sweet little niece and a miraculous recovery.

I wish I could make everything alright.



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