Needing a home...

I would like you to meet the new (temporary) members of our family...

This is Minnie and her 8 puppies. Minnie is my foster dog. She is an American Staffordshire (excuse the spelling!). She came to us pregnant and hungry recently when my neighbor abandoned her. She is the absolute sweetest thing, but we have had a heck of a time finding her a home. No one wanted a pregnant dog. Our only choice was to keep her, then try again after the puppies were born. Throwing her back out on the street is not an option for me. Sending her to a shelter where they will put her to sleep is not an option for me. Minnie deserves a chance with a wonderful family. Her puppies deserve a chance to live.

Minnie gave birth to her puppies 4 days ago. I really have to thank my friend Jemi for being on hand to help me. Minnie had a tough time in the beginning, but Jemi was able to help her through the labor. It was fascinating to watch these little bitty balls of spotted fur being born and the motherly instincts that instantly took over as Minnie cleaned and cared for every single puppy. I have a new appreciation for what a dog has to go through!                                                        
The puppies are growing larger day by day. Their eyes should be opening any time now to gaze upon a strange world. Their day consists of eating and sleeping just like a newborn infant, and just like a new mother... Minnie stays by her little ones' side tending to their every whimper. Oh man do they whimper!!
All three boys (hubby included) has officially fallen in love with  every puppy. I might be a tad bit fond of them too! hehe Each puppy is so different than another,but they all have the ability to capture your heart. Ask me again how I feel about them when they are older and taking over my house! It definitely will be hard to give them up once we have found them a home... and I intend on finding a home for every single one.
Both of my boys have really gained a lot from this experience. William can now tell you whatever you need to know about a puppies eating and sleeping habits. Lane is learning how to be gentle and have patience. However... I'm already getting bombarded with "can we keep one mommy? Please, please, please?"



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