Poem: Birds In Flight

Birds In Flight

Cold droplets of dew blanket the earth, pale grey seeps into the sky.
The stillness is broken.
The world, now exposed, comes alive.
Night serenades cease as others awaken, rejuvenated and ready for dawn to arrive.
...and the birds begin to sing.
Warmth radiates from the orange sun, rising ever slowly.
The air is buzzing.
The world, now exposed, is glowing.
Flowers unfold to display various hews as trees spread toward the light, making glorious the landscape and to assist earths' will to thrive.
...and the birds begin to fly.
...and the birds begin to sing.
What an honor it is to witness such a scene.
How I wish to observe it upon a pair of wings.

Birds in Black & WhiteImage by MissMae via Flickr
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